The search

The search

The search

"I've reached a point where I have everything and something is still missing."
"I need a change, I need more, I need something different."
"My present is not bad, but I do not feel fullfilled".

Many of us are or have been "seekers." We are people who feel a yearning to discover more things or to discover ourselves, to understand a little beyond what has been given to us, to understand more how we work or how things work. Curiosity, adventure, the sense of being in a process that still has much to contribute, restlessness, an allergy to monotony and stagnation, are part of that search.
Sometimes that translates into studying more, or taking courses, sometimes traveling, others attending events, reading ... all of which is great. The search and continuous learning take us to unimaginable places, to immense pleasures and satisfactions, to meet great people.
⁠And sometimes we search without knowing what, we only feel that something is missing, there is an inner longing that moves us to keep looking.
Sometimes the effort of the search (of the best option, the right decision, happiness) is excessively outside, and at some point it feels insufficient.

"What can I tell you that might be of use to you, except that maybe you're looking for something so insistently that you manage to find nothing?"
We rescue this phrase from Hermann Hesse (author, among other works, of "Siddharta") to remember that at some point perhaps you have to stop searching, the very fact of searching is sometimes futile, there are moments when it is convenient to stop searching, and Instead, listen, observe, open up to the flow of life.⁠ Or, simply stop looking outside, and rest in the stillness of your own presence. ⁠

⁠There is a type of physical search, which seeks to ensure the safety, well-being, perhaps health or improvement of the body itself. There is a kind of intellectual pursuit, a craving for and enjoyment of continuous learning, linked to an intellectual pleasure in learning and understanding. There is another type of emotional search, where experiences are created that lead to feeling more intensely. And there is the spiritual or existential search, which is at the core of many searches, the search for meaning, purpose, reason for being, the feeling of union with something beyond oneself, of a fullness independent of oneself. external circumstances.
Personally, I identify with this other phrase by Hermann Hesse ...
"I have been a searching person and I still am, but I no longer search in the stars and books, but inthe teachings of my blood."

⁠Inner Journey Method ™ is a way of searching within with the help of images, concepts and dynamics. A search towards the center of the spiral of growth, where we had been and when we return, everything is different ...

⁠What are you looking for? Where do you look for it?
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Rosa Oliveras
CoCreator of ⁠Inner Journey Method ™