Self transformation to help transform

Self transformation to help transform

Self transformation to help transform

Transformation, evolution, continuous personal growth is part of the essence of being a facilitator. Self-inquiry, the openness to knowing more about oneself, deepening one's own mental, emotional and behavioral mechanisms, is a spiral that allows us to move forward and, at the same time, understand and accompany other people's introspection process. Wondering, looking outside to better understand inside, is an essential practice.

We hear a lot the phrase "I have already worked a lot on this issue", "I already know this", but a good integration and transmutation of those "issues", "wounds", "patterns" that are at the base of blockages that are manifested in the lack of abundance, problems in relationships…. Every person, without exception, has their limitations, their very strengths imply a weakness at the opposite extreme. And the more awareness is acquired about it, the more possibilities are created. And it is a process, dynamic and continuous.

And those of us who are facilitators are not an exception, we can all continue transforming ourselves and thus better help transform… Or:

  • How can you ask well if you don't ask yourself?
  • How are you going to facilitate a change in level of consciousness if you have not experienced it?
  • How can you accompany another person who feels vulnerable if you have not contacted your own vulnerability?
  • How are you going to make it easier for someone to transform and transmute their blocks if you are not working on yours?
  • How are you going to encourage someone to continue growing, achieving new challenges, realizing their dreams, if you don't do the same?

In the end, what is at stake is one's alignment, presence and coherence. Internal coherence (what you say, what you feel, what you think, what you do, all of it is the same) is the best tool to be a facilitator, and therefore, inspiration is to try to be in it as much as possible.


Rosa Oliveras

Inner Journey Method ™ CoCreator