Inner Journey Method allows you to think the unthought

Inner Journey Method allows you to think the unthought

Inner Journey Method allows you to think the unthought

Turning the same thought around and around in your head.

Telling the same thing to your partner, your friends.

Asking for professional for help and share the same thoughts.

The same for days and weeks. Sometimes even months and years.

You end up having a very well woven speech, it makes sense, it is a coherent analysis, your emotions are well reasoned, the dilemma is clear, everything works out. Except, to be honest, you didn't quite fix it. The situation becomes chronic and the malaise persists.

And it is that, as Einstein said, a problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness from which it was created. You need a greater perspective to be able to grasp other elements, to rise from your own self-limitations. Combine your own experience of the situation with a quasi - external perspective. See it with new eyes. Hear it on a different frequency. Feel the depth of the response.

This is precisely what happens when you use an Inner Journey Method dynamic and, sometimes from the presentation image, or when you least expect it, something comes up: it is not really “new”, because it was already in you. It is rather a new "connection" between ideas, a new way of looking at the same dilemma, a piece of the puzzle that until now you have not found.

And you find yourself thinking new, thinking what was not thought, generating new possibilities within yourself, seeing the old with a new light and perspective, which will never be the same again. Your thoughts and emotions have been released from the chains. Because your vision has changed, your map has widened, your limitation has disappeared, your clarity has returned. And that, friends, is the connection.

How does that connection occur? Activating not your linear mind, but the associative one. Through combinations of images and words, whose ambiguity brings out that emotion or thought that is yours and that guides you because it comes from your inner wisdom.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash