Level 1: Fundamentals and techniques

Level 1: Fundamentals and techniques
  • Duration:9h
  • Dedication:4,5 hours a day, from 9.30am to 2.30pm., 2 days
  • Dates: Part 1: 26/02/2023 09:30h - 14:30h
    Part 2: 12/03/2023 09:30h - 14:30h
  • Type:Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification
  • Site:Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona)
  • Level:1
  • Course Language:Castellano
Level 1: Fundamentals and techniques

About this course

You will learn how introspection works through images. You can use it for your own inspiration, to know yourself better, explore your emotions, connect with your intuition and your inner wisdom. You can share it with your environment as
an activity between playful and deep. You can develop the intuition you have through a tool available to everyone.

Aimed at those people committed to personal development, conscious life, self-knowledge, interested in how people function in our inner life and act in the external world.

For therapists, psychologists, coaches, tutors and counselors.

Certification as a facilitator requires completion of all three levels of training.

What will you get?

  • 9 hours of training
  • An Official Inner Journey Method Picture Set
  • Inner Journey Method Facilitators Manual - LEVEL 1
  • Inner Journey Method Facilitators Certification Process: LEVEL 1

Meet your instructors

Rosa Oliveras
Rosa Oliveras

Co-Founder and Facilitation Expert Inner Journey Method™

Lead-Trainer in Inner Journey Method™ certification processes

Course program

1. Learning to listen and observe the outside to expand self-knowledge.
2. Opening the mind and heart to listen empathically without interfering in the map of the other person.
3. Connecting with the power of the image: How an image can change the vision.
4. Facilitating the process of making the subconscious conscious through the emergence of emotion
and the association of ideas.
5. Diving into concepts and their different levels of meaning.
6. Observing and listening to the interaction between image and concept.
7. Learning to take care of the rhythm and emotional state of the user.
8. Understanding the clues that images and their manipulation can give us: emotions,
needs, values, strengths, experiences over time, way of seeing life, way of
mental processing, beliefs and limitations.
9. Practicing basic dynamics to facilitate a process of introspection and change.

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