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Why Inner Journey Method it is a good method to professionals?

This program is designed to empower all people who want to further develop their intuition and sense of service by helping other people through the Inner Journey Method™.

The method helps you train your intuition and gives you very practical tools to improve your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others and your relationship with life circumstances.

For whom

  • If you are a psychologist, it is a therapeutic tool.
  • If you are a coach, it is a coaching tool.
  • If you are a consultant, it is a consulting tool.
  • If you are a counselor, it is a tool for identifying talents, strengths and weaknesses.

You put your capacity, your empathy, your intuition.
You have been trained in a discipline that qualifies you to help other people.
You have an experience that is a good basis.

You put the talent;
We a tool a 100% adapted to the times.

By training as a Facilitator in the Method, you get all these advantages

  • You get a box with a set of images/concepts, which captures the attention of your customers. Today care is the greatest good we can get.
  • A methodology that is well adapted at different hierarchical, cultural and consciential levels. As well as age. It works well with both youth and adults.
  • It allows you to get results quickly, and at the same time you can makethe most out of it and fill an entire day with exercises absolutely relevant, dynamic and useful. Namely, it adapts to the time you have.
  • Our own software that we use solves your need online. Virtual work environments, remote work teams, telework situations... None of this prevents proximity and results. It also has the advantage that the session can be recorded, generating a reminder to revisit whenever necessary.
Advantages training as a certified facilitator in Inner Journey Method

Certification process

Online or in person, the training itinerary is designed to make a stop in the daily routine and approach personal and/or professional challenges with a new look.
Certification as a facilitator requires the completion of all three levels of training and accredit participation in 7 monographic "introspection meetings", in which the practical application of the method in its different fields of application will be deepened through supervised facilitation practice (see more information in "Level 3").

Inner Journey Method community

Community Inner Journey Method™

After training, we continue to offer support

You decide if your training ends in a course, or you want to continue learning.

If you wish, you have the option of being part of the Inner Journey Method community for certified facilitators and those in the certification process.

Only for € 20/month

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