What is Inner Journey Method

the method

The Method

Inner Journey Method™ is a method of introspection, for observing one's own mental and emotional processes, and energizing attitudes, emotions and dispositions to action for change. And, above all, it is a tool for connecting with oneself and between people.

It's used by psychologists, coaches, counselors, trainers and consultants, based on their knowledge base, to better help their clients.

The method, although profound, seems like a game, which, having rational elements (the concepts and questions that derive from them) and emotional elements (images provoke spontaneous reactions, without mental filters), gives rise to dialogues unforeseen, spontaneous and profound that very quickly generate a deep and integrating movement.

When Inner Journey Method™ is used in a team, this movement is amplified, each individual movement resonates in the collective, and organically other points of view are understood, new connections are generated, and that implies recognition, cohesion and renewed trust among the members of the group.

Whether in an individual or group format, a session with Inner Journey Method™ is always an exciting internal trip that broadens perspectives and opens up possibilities.

The method is based on the conjunction of three axes:

  • The images, evocative of emotions.
  • The selection of words (values, emotions and concepts), evocative of thoughts and reasoning.
  • The dynamization of the process.

The Images

We use carefully selected images as a mirror for our mind.

In them we see reflected qualities or aspects of our own being, as well as emotions, fears and worries, as well as ideas, conscious or not, of the solutions we have for our difficulties.

The Images
The Words

The Words

The method also has 107 concepts chosen for their importance in personal and professional development, which facilitate reflection on issues that affect us all, as human beings, in our process of life and evolution.

The Dynamics

The way to guide the person or persons is essential in the method. There are techniques that allow, facilitate or block the emergence of information, depending on the goal. And there are multiple dynamics designed according to different objectives:

  • Analysis of a goal, problem or difficulty.

  • Identification of competences and strengths.

  • Detection of weaknesses, blockages and self-sabotages.

  • Identification of vocation and life or professional purpose.
  • Development of change processes.

  • Identification of values in a team or organization.

  • Generate innovation in projects or situations.

The Dynamics

How is an individual session with Inner Journey Method?

No two sessions are the same. It is about listening deeply to the person, and helping them to listen and understand themselves to create a new inner harmony. Usually, the client sets a goal or a difficulty, and presents some of these characteristics:

  • Something they want to achieve resists.
  • They feel emotions that disturb or hinder calm.
  • They don't have a clear mind. There is confusion and / or internal conflict.

Session Procedure

We usually start by extracting a random image, to practice how to relate to the image + word set. Sensations, reactions, associations are collected, and this usually gives some interesting clue.

Immediately, taking what the client expresses as need and the indications obtained, we choose one of the multiple dynamics, and a succession of images begins, spontaneous and often unexpected dialogues, questions that are answered with the help of images and other resources of the method.

We do not diagnose, judge or lead towards a certain solution, but we guide and accompany the person, we ask, we question and we understand what is happening to them at all times and when they have reached a good place for them.

It works equally well face-to-face or with an online format

  • For the face-to-face format, a set of 107 printed images is used in a comfortable size for its handling.
  • For the online format, our own software is used that contains a virtual canvas on which the same images can be chosen or extracted randomly, and also facilitates the different pre-designed dynamics.

    The online format has the advantage that it generates a copy of the final disposition of the images used in the session, as well as any annotations, reminders and calls to action that may have arisen. It also allows, if the client wishes, the session to be recorded.

Through the dynamics or sequence of dynamics, the client becomes aware of his own thoughts and emotions, connects past and present situations, realizes self-imposed obstacles and new possibilities within his reach.

The process makes it easier for solutions to appear, the person becomes more clear, the feeling of confusion and/or internal conflict decreases or disappears.

In the vast majority of cases, the person feels reconnected, with more energy, more motivated and confident in their own resources and generally, surprised by the power and depth of what has emerged in a single session.