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Inner Journey Method Team

Who are we?

We are in love with this incredible and magical method. We vibrate and honor each moment when we are sharing the method, when we accompany in a transformation process, each time we witness an intense moment of understanding, each time we witness an expression of amazement, internal recognition, relief or intense emotion, when a person manages to connect with a deep connection and understanding.

We integrate our experience in individual and team coaching as well as our extensive experience in managerial positions in private companies, with our ability to intuit, listen and understand intra and interpersonal processes and our passion for personal growth.

"I have been a person who seeks and I still am, but I no longer search the stars and books, but the teachings of my blood"
- Hermann Hesse

Our Values

When we work with a company team, an individual person, or in our facilitator certification courses, we are motivated by being able to contribute to a transformation. The transformation that is necessary at that moment, in that space and in those circumstances. What happens during this transformation is practically sacred to us, so we treat the person and their process with deep respect, care and maximum neutrality to ensure that what is developed is the full personal or team potential.

And, finally, creativity always accompanies us, it is for us a value and a natural process, which we have applied both in the creation of this wonderful method, and in the dynamics that we continually expand and in each intervention we carry out. This creativity allows the method to be alive, grow and evolve with us, our collaborators and our clients.

Inner Journey Method Values

About the creators of the method

Sometimes we have joked about whether it is because our names and surnames refer to natural elements, that we feel so connected to the essence of people and their vital mission.

Our collaborators

Our collaborators are, above all, ethical people committed to self-discovery and conscious growth. They are also qualified people with experience in different fields of knowledge, and Certified Facilitators in Inner Journey Method ™. If you want to meet them personally, you can request an individual session, or participate in an event with them. They will be happy to share, listen and facilitate a part of your inner journey.

Testimonials from our clients

These are experiences shared by some of our clients.
You can find out the full stories on the Testimonials page.