How is an individual session with Inner Journey Method?

Individual Session

Discover what Inner Journey Method can do for you

Through the dynamics or sequence of dynamics, you can raise awareness about your own thoughts and emotions, connect past and present situations, become aware of self-imposed obstacles and new possibilities at your fingertips. You can explore any issue, personal or professional, that is relevant in your life.

Treating the emotion that arises in front of an image makes it possible to create space for things to happen, and shortens the processes of suffering and understanding. Therefore it is a journey that involves movement, change and discovery. And above all else, the Inner Journey Method™ enables connection. Connection with our interior, our being, our essence, our wisdom beyond socially and personally imposed limitations.

The usual consequences of this connection are: the feeling of taking a weight off your shoulders, greater mental clarity, emotional relief, renewed motivation, easier decision-making and a new predisposition to relationships with other people.

Individual Sessions

There are times when, by personal preference, time or distance, an individual session is more appropriate, totally dedicated and personalized to the needs of each person.

We offer sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes, online format. Feel free to contact us and we will look for a way to meet (Zoom, Skype...).

Our events designed for you

Discover our method through a journey where you can go from the inside out to discover and feel everything that is alive in you. From individual sessions and short meetings in small groups, to weekends where we do great dives in the method in order to shake enough so that the weights you don't need fall off and you grab the tools you do want.

Introspection Meetings

A meeting to connect with your subconscious to discuss any issue that worries you at the moment and obtain greater clarity in the present moment.

A session where we propose some exercises to self-inquire into oneself, through images. It is like a shared game, in which participants express their thoughts and emotions regarding the images that come out, in order to connect with their own subconscious, train intuition and find inspiration for the moment.

Being a group exercise, each individual contribution resonates with others, and nurtures all participants with different perspectives.

Short-duration events - between two and three hours - and in groups of maximum 7 people in order to test the Inner Journey Method™ in a relaxed and close environment.

Introspection Meetings
Discovery Days

Discovery Days

An immersion in your life purpose and how this purpose, along with your talents and values, manifests itself in your relationships and in your personal and professional legacy.

In these days of discovery:

  • You connect with the essential elements of your purpose at the current stage of your life.
  • You identify what you do and how you react to difficulties or trials that arise in life, and in what way that reaction contributes to bring you closer or further away from your vital purpose.
  • You explore what resources, what values, strengths, and talents help you stay close to your purpose.
  • You face your self-sabotage mechanisms, your weaknesses and your energy leaks that take you away from your purpose and prevent you from feeling good.

With all this, after this day you feel better prepared to focus on your relationships and your way of manifesting yourself in the world.

Book a session with an expert in Inner Journey Method

We have the great joy of sharing this space with our collaborators. Passionate and Certified in the Inner Journey Method, they each offer you their own specialty and trajectory for an individual session with you. Tell us in broad lines what you want to discuss in your individual session, and we will refer you to the right person.

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