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A comprehensive method for individuals, groups and companies

Inner Journey Method™ is so versatile that we can apply it in different areas, controlling and applying the necessary changes in its parameters and applications to grow its potential exponentially.

The method foresees the sequence of return and necessary accompaniment to people with the objective that they make growth and evolution towards the development of their potential.

Facilitators in the IJM™ method

Would you like to get certified in our method to be able to use it in your projects?

The certification process is open to anyone who is interested in learning about our method that has already helped so many people in recent years. Discover the different ways we offer to get certified.

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Introspection Meetings

A small group session (maximum 7 people) where we propose some exercises to self-inquire into oneself, through images.

It is like a shared game, in which the participants express their thoughts and emotions regarding the images that appear, in order to connect with their own subconscious, train their intuition and find inspiration for the moment.

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Discovery Days

Discover our method through a journey where you can go from the inside out to discover and feel everything that is alive in you.

From individual sessions and brief meetings in small groups, to weekends where we make great immersions in the method in order to shake enough so that the ballasts that you do not need fall and take the tools that you do want.

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Business services

The current economic and professional context requires more than ever good cohesion and optimal functioning of the entire team in order to transmit to the client the serenity and confidence that they need.

We help you increase the chances of project success through a new way of thinking, acting and communicating: not linear, but creative and multidimensional.

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Suricata Talent

At Inner Journey Method™ we created Suricata Talent. A space for listening and introspection for young people that helps them connect with their talents, differentiating them from the skills they have acquired during their life.

We help them make a series of decisions to focus on what they are really good at and enjoy doing under any premise.

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Inner Journey Method™ Card Kit

Do you want to discover and work first-hand with our images specially designed to awaken the subconscious?

As a result of our years of work accompanying people and companies to discover their interior, we have designed these magnificent letters to have the perfect tool that allows us to work the subconscious in a playful, simple and powerful way at the same time.

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