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Above all, a tool for connecting with oneself and between people

Inner Journey Method™ is a method of introspection, for the observation of one's own mental and emotional processes, and dynamizationof attitudes, emotions and dispositions to action for change.

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Quick Click

We invite you to play a Quick Click. This is a self processing tool. It’s simple but very powerful. People make bad decisions when they are confused or in fear, so shutting down the internal and external noise is the way to go. Allowing hidden sensation to be heard allows us to investigate new possibilities and see things differently, even ourselves. When we look at a situation differently, a new reality is allowed to be born.

Our recommendation: prepare this to be a profound experience. Get yourself a quiet space, with no distractions. Stop for a few minutes, focus your attention and intention, get a card and be open to  feel what is there to rise up. 

Click on the image to discover your card.

  • What emotion do you feel looking at it?
  • What do think of when you see this image?
  • What action do you want to do when you see this image?
  • What do you need to feel contented / fulfilled?
  • What are you missing?
  • What can you get rid of?
  • How is your gratitude towards life?
  • Do you celebrate and appreciate what you have?
  • Is there a burden that prevents you from being happy?
  • What does your happiness depend on?

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