Suricata Talent is one of our most ambitious and exciting areas of action

Suricata Talent. Young people

For the young

Current education is focused on acquiring knowledge and skills to develop in different professional fields, and in some cases also on acquiring self-management and interpersonal skills to have a satisfactory life and healthy relationships.

However, many times we find young people disoriented, confused, disoriented, and even stressed, dejected or hopeless, who do not find answers in the family or academic support system. Or simply, young people who go through a stage of great doubts when choosing. For all of them, and, on demand, also for their families, we created a series of workshops years ago under the name Suricata Talent.

We start from the basis that we all have certain talents and areas of strength that, however, we do not always know, value, activate or enhance. This can occur, among other reasons, due to lack of self-awareness, due to some limiting belief, fear or external pressure that leads us in another direction.

Self-knowledge to discover the way

Our Suricata Talent workshops contain practical activities aimed at improving self-knowledge, knowing one's own talents, personal characteristics and the strengths that each one has to put them in value. In this way, by broadening perspectives, young people have more elements to choose their path towards what really makes them vibrate from within.

We work from a very playful environment, we open a space for listening and self-knowledge to give way to everything that when you are young is so difficult to manage. These activities are aimed at students between the last year of ESO as well as Baccalaureate, Training and University Cycles.

Suricata Talent in action