Silvestre Ríos

Silvestre Ríos

Silvestre Ríos

Co-Founder and Facilitation Expert Inner Journey Method™

Lead-Trainer in Inner Journey Method™ certification processes

Expert in finance and business management, DAF Finance by ESADE, teacher and coach of people in change processes and professor at the International School of Coaching.

His knowledge and skill are of great value in development processes for people and teams:

  • Helping people overcome blockages, limitations and difficulties and align them with their life and professional projects.
  • Helping teams solve conflicts and work in harmony and with motivation.
  • Advising companies and entrepreneurs on strategy, innovation and sustainability.

He has extensive experience as Director of Financial Resources in production and service companies, intervening in organizational, economic and labor crises where the personal factor has been key throughout his professional career.

He applies his knowledge of sustainability of organizations together with the ability to locate limiting beliefs helping people to overcome blockages and difficulties.

Given his tireless curiosity for research and the search for learning and self-knowledge systems, he has pioneered new currents of personal and professional development, being cocreator of the Inner Journey Method™ together with Rosa Oliveras.

All courses of Silvestre Ríos

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 3: Deepening and group dynamics

A closer look at the method to expand the scope of the interventions, and learning of group dynamics to help teams to unite and optimize their operation.

Inner Journey Method™ Facilitator Certification

Level 2: Individual tools and techniques

An intensive experience of acquisition of facilitation technique and dynamics of self-knowledge and individual transformation.

  • Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona)
  • Level 2
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